Welcome to CMT Auctions

Welcome to the home of CMT Auctions! We are glad you stopped by. Please take some time to have a look around and let us know if you have any questions.  You can easily contact us via our Contact Page.

CMT Auctions began in 2001 as an eBay seller and evolved from there into a private auction site for high-end collectors items.  Our auctions were so popular we had to switch to an invitation only model. This allowed us to pick and choose exactly what we wanted to auction.

As the decade wore down, we found ourself highly satisfied with our position in life and retired to points south. We divided up our customer base into four groups based on loosely defined niches. We gave two of these groups to each of our sons and the other two to close friends who had worked along side us and helped us grow the business over the years. They had worked hard for us all those years and giving back to them was a wonderful experience.

After living the good life for a few years we came to miss the excitement and have quietly re-entered the market. We will never go back to the full-time action we lived for so many years but we have found a niche where we can so two or three highly-focused auctions per year and that suits us just fine. We have set up a charity foundation to receive half of the proceeds for every auction we do and that has created such a wonderful opportunity to help the less fortunate.