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CMT is a collection of food truck owners, auctioneers, and enthusiasts that believe that there’s a large enough audience of mobile restaurateurs out there that need a quality auction house to list there food truck for sale.

As the food truck movement continues to grow, we’ve identified a real need for coordination information regarding getting started, rules and regulations, as well as the sale / purchase of vehicles to start a food truck business.

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restaurant industry and covid

While literally every business on the planet has been affect in some way, shape, or form by the coronavirus pandemic, it could be argued convincingly that the restaurant business has received the brunt of the been impact.

A night out dining has always been, at it’s core, about going out and being seen in public. It is essentially a social activity that cannot be truly realized with mandated masks, social distancing, and an ever-present guilty feeling of being out in public during COVID-19.

Today we’ll take a look at how the industry is coping, how food trucks can help, and what it on the horizon as we navigate our businesses through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic.

How Is The Restaurant Industry Coping?

However, as with any adversity, we find ways to cope. That’s also true for people in the food business. If people can’t easily go to the restaurants, restaurant owners can choose to go mobile so they can better reach their customers.

Additionally, some restaurants have also thought of improving their services by offering order-ahead services. This lets customers order ahead of time and pick up their orders at a designated time. 

Food Trucks For Restaurants

Going mobile is easier with a food truck. However, restaurant owners should make sure they comply with the food truck regulations before they can have one and use it. With people in their homes, there is an increase in the demand to bring food into the neighborhoods and communities.

Many apartment owners are also contacting food trucks. They do so to help provide choices for their tenants. The service provided by food trucks is unlike delivery services. With it, the food is prepared fresh on the location. This makes customers somewhat feel like their eating out. 

Before the pandemic, you’ll usually find food trucks in festivals and other events. However, now that those are not permitted, the food truck owners try to find other ways on how to still earn from what they have.

Bringing food trucks to communities as requested, while still observing social distancing protocols can help strengthen the community and give food truck owners a chance to earn.

Order-ahead Services

Restaurants who don’t own food trucks can go for order-ahead services instead. This allows the customers to get their freshly prepared orders without waiting for too long around a crowd. This makes it much safer for them. Plus, customers may also choose to eat inside their vehicles to get a sense of eating out. 

Although many people miss dining in restaurants, many are still not taking the risk and are uncomfortable even if there are some areas that already allow dinning-in.

The effects of this pandemic are long-lasting especially to the restaurant industry and we all just have to cope. There is always a demand for food and people will eventually get some if restaurants provide safe services for their customers. 

food truck business licenses and permits

Whether you want to take your franchise to the next level or you just want to start with a food business, running a food truck is a great choice. However, you just don’t start the business by finding a truck, cooking, and serving the food.

As with any food-related business, there are federal, state, and local regulations you have to follow as well as permits and licenses that you have to obtain. 

Permits and licenses will vary depending on where you want to operate. Although you’ll be spending on permits and licenses, getting them before you operate saves you from paying fines. Also, the permits and licenses make your business legal. 


Franchising is a good system for expanding one’s restaurant business, and the key to a successful franchise is trust.

The franchise owner and the local operator needs to have a good relationship so that they can both help each other in establishing the business and extending the franchise service to that locality.

In today’s competitive world, franchisors also need to always be innovative. One way to do that is to consider or look into the possibility of using food trucks. Food trucks are very popular today and the masses have come to accept them although there are still some who don’t like them. 

food truck

Are you ready to join the food truck industry? Have you asked yourself all the essential questions before deciding? It’s not yet too late to own one and having one is a great idea to start your food business. Also, a food truck is a great addition to your current restaurant. It can help you expand your business and your reach.

With all the benefits that you can get out of purchasing a food truck, it is no surprise that many people want one. But before you purchase a food truck, there are some things that you should look for and they include the following…


Couple buying pasta from food truck at outdoor market

We love our food truck, and we especially love our fellow food truckers!

And thanks to strong demand and a hungry public, there seems to be more and more food truck owners every year – which is absolutely great!

For business owners the proliferation of mobile food businesses means that we’ve got to step up our game every year and differentiate ourselves to keep up with the increased competition.

While food truck marketing is more of an art than a science, we’ve learned over the years that a unique theme can set your food business apart from others, especially if you food quality matches your unique-ness.

So where to start?


food truck festival

It’s summer, and you know what that means?

That’s right – festival time!

If you own a restaurant or a food truck truck festivals are a great way to bring your food to new customers.  Not to mention they’re a an absolute blast to work.  So without further ado, we wanted to mention 6 of our favorites in the United States…


benefits of food trucks

Having a thriving restaurant is pretty amazing especially during this day and age when the competition is tough.

But did you know that you can take your success a step further simply by using food trucks?

Why Should You Use Food Trucks?

Makes You Mobile

Being mobile makes it a whole lot easier for you to reach customers. Bring your food truck to a festival so more people can discover you. If they loved your food, you may see them in your restaurant even if they need to travel just to dine in.


wedding food caterer

Food truck catering is becoming a very popular choice for weddings. If you have a food truck business, tapping into this kind of market should be one of your goals to better market your business. It opens up a whole new world of customers and they are a very profitable market.

Before you sign a couple up for your food truck catering service for their wedding day, it is best to know more about your customers. Here are some reasons why a couple might want to hire a food truck caterer. Use this information to better meet their demands and expectations.


CMT Auctions Food Trucks in DC

Owning a food truck is pretty awesome, and well…fun!.

Sure it’s hard work (ALOT of hard work) but I think we can all agree that running a mobile food enterprise is indeed fun, rewarding, and with the added benefit of being your own boss!

While it can be an exciting adventure, it’s important to remember that your food truck is a business and it should be making you money on a consistent basis.

As such your food truck needs to be properly marketed to help you expand your audience and keep existing customers coming back.


Anyone who is looking to start a food truck business must already have a cuisine in mind. But if you think that is enough to start a food truck business, you are wrong.  Before, leaving your full-time job in order to start a food truck business there are some important considerations that should be always kept in mind.  As is rightly said if you start doing anything without proper homework, the chances of achieving great success are really thin. So before you directly jump into the business of running a food truck, you must ask yourself a few questions.


Food Truck Towing

Today’s article is based on some lessons learned from having to call for a tow truck on I485 outside of Charlotte, NC.  Thanks to the guys from Top Dogz Towing Company for their service and their advice in putting this article together.

For Food Truck owners, there’s basically two reasons why one might need to tow a food truck.  The first, and possibly most obvious reason is because the food truck you own is not self-propelled (ie: it’s built on a towable trailer), and second is your food truck has broken down.  As the owner of a converted 1971 VW Bus, I’ve had to opt for the latter more time than I care to admit, and from the countless food truck owner-operators I’ve met over the years, that seem to be the rule rather than the exception.


Phat Cart Food Truck

If you love street food,  you’re are hungry and need some savory in a pinch, a food truck can be a great choice over traditional brick-and-mortar .

With that being said, gone are the days of food trucks serving up budget food.  In fact, there are now food trucks scattered throughout various cities serving up some of the most gourmet meals you will find anywhere. As a result, food trucks have gained a cult following and they have become a staple part of a lot of the culinary scenes across the entire country.

We’ve had a fun time trying them all, but in our humble opinion, here are the Top 7 Food Trucks In America for 2017…



So you’ve made the decision be a food truck owner.  Good for you!

This is the critical first, and most important, step in a career that can rewarding on so many levels, not least of which is financially.  And while nothing is for sure, especially in the restaurant business, food trucks are cost effective business solutions for the newbie restaurateur, providing that you’re the type that can handle the uncertainty that comes with the complete autonomy of being your own boss.


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Owning a food truck is pretty awesome, and well…fun!.

Sure it’s hard work (ALOT of hard work) but I think we can all agree that running a mobile food enterprise is indeed fun, rewarding, and with the added benefit of being your own boss!

While it can be an exciting adventure, it’s important to remember that your food truck is a business and it should be making you money on a consistent basis.

As such your food truck needs to be properly marketed to help you expand your audience and keep existing customers coming back.

With that in mind we wanted to cover some tried-and-true ideas to help you take your marketing to a whole new level.

Brand Excitement Is Job #1

Back in the day when food trucks business was in it’s infancy and competition was low, simply BEING a colorfully designed food truck gave you the “it” factor that can drive food truck sales nowadays through the roof.

Although competition has increased dramatically in recent years, there are still plenty of things you can do to create excitement in your brand.  Unique food packaging with your logo on food packaging is a great way of creating a stronger association between your brand and delicious food in the customers mind.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Another way of increasing brand awareness is to:

  1. Know who your customer are and…
  2. Catering at events that your customer go to.

Try to think of associated customer types and predict where they will be as well.

People are more likely to purchase items from brands they know and trust, so the more events and locations you travel to, the more people will see your truck and the more your brand awareness will grow.  Your truck is like a moving billboard, it has your logo on it and should be instantly recognizable.

Get Online

The online world is growing increasingly important for all businesses as it allows you to connect more intimately with your customers.  Having an email list, adding to that list, and keeping the list supplied with on-topic content is an absolute must.

Your customers have given you their email, make sure you do them the service of providing interesting content that they can use.

For your social media platforms, you should develop an engagement plan stating things like what type of content you will be posting, how often, and how you will determine the success of the post. For example, you might want to post videos describing how your tasty meals are made, posting them once a week and aiming for a thousand views. You should also encourage customers to follow you on social media to make sure they see your mouth-watering posts.

While not for everyone, we’ve had some really great success with Facebook Messenger.  This tool is similar to a text message because it grabs the customers attention, it is also relatively easy to set-up and works great for food delivery business.

You should can also respond to customer questions on Facebook Messenger, creating a one-on-one dialogue.

Keeping Your Food Interesting

Finally, you should change your menu regularly. This is great for two reasons. Firstly, it allows you to experiment with food ideas. It will allow you to replace items that don’t sell well. It will also let you use seasonal ingredients, which should be cheaper to purchase.

Secondly, it will keep your customers coming back. If every season you change your menu, they’ll always be something new for customers to try.

Wrapping Up…

The mobile food space is full of businesses, including plenty of well-established international companies. However, by marketing your truck effectively you can stand out from your competition.

This article has examined three great ways to market your food truck. These were; using social media, creating more brand awareness and changing your menu regularly. As with all marketing you should inject your own personality and have fun.

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