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In the matter of 10 years, food trucks have gone from: “Hey that’s cool..what that?” to an everyday part of our dining experience

Demand for food truck food is up, and so is competition. As a food truck business its more important than ever to standard out from other mobile food business, and one that you may be overlooking is the design of your food truck.

Some people don’t think too much about aesthetics but it is just as important as it carries your food truck business name. Additionally, visually attractive food trucks have more chances of new customers than regularly designed ones. 

Design Does Matter

Some people don’t really care about the design as long as the food served is great, right? Well, that may be true for some, but if people don’t know you serve great food, they wouldn’t come anyway. Would you risk passing on the opportunity of having a potential customer just because you can’t entice them to try your food? Well, you shouldn’t. 

The thing is, you first have to feed the eyes before the taste buds and the stomach. That’s not only true for the design of your food truck but also for the presentation of your food. Instagram-worthy food has a better chance of developing a fanbase because people see it, get curious, try it and get hooked. 

How To Design Your Food Truck?

There are different ways on how to design your food truck. The final design of your food truck will greatly depend on what you serve and your theme. Here are a few ideas that you should try. 

Color Selection

Although you might catch more attention using bright colors, using all the bright colors may not be ideal. It would be best to pick a bright color then use other complementary ones for a more harmonious appearance. You may even add another bright color contrast but let’s not get overboard here. 

Interesting Fonts

Another way to design your food truck is to make use of interesting yet easily understandable fonts. Your typography and size does matter here. It’s great if you can find a unique one but make sure customers won’t get a headache trying to understand what’s written in your menu or figuring out what your food truck business is called. 

Use Of Graphics

Some people don’t easily remember names. They may forget your food truck name even if they really loved your food. What if they loved your food so much that they want to recommend it but forget your food truck name? Your location is great but what if you’re in a food park with other food trucks? Here is where your graphics can help them give you an identity. 

Additionally, you can also attract more people with the graphics that you use. If you are a taco shop, you can certainly make use of taco-looking graphics. However, make it unique so you stand out. You can use humor to make your design more unique. Try adding a goofy face on it or a mustache.

Outsourcing A Design

If you don’t think you are creative enough or if thinking about your design gives you a headache, you can outsource your design. Carefully select a designer to work with. Designers will help you create the design but you should tell them what you want if there are specifics. They can also design better with your direction. 

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