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It’s more than a year since the pandemic hit us all. Many have postponed certain special events in their lives like weddings just to help keep everyone safer. A year has passed and we’ve adapted by taking safety precautions seriously. 

There may be limits to the number of people per gathering but nowadays, we can continue celebrating various occasions that mark a special event in our lives. 

In any special event, the food plays a very important part of it all. You’d want your guest to enjoy the scrumptious food plus you also want to keep them safe. That is made possible by hiring food trucks for your event. 

Food trucks aren’t just for festivals, they are also great for more intimate or private events like weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Why exactly are food trucks a great option for your event during the pandemic? We’ll give you a detailed answer below:

Dine-Out Option

Even the CDC agrees that it is safer to dine out in the open than in an enclosed space like a restaurant. Among the dining options that have the lowest risk of spreading COVID-19 is food trucks. That’s because they are mostly located outdoors in the open air. 

Additionally, most food trucks don’t really offer dining options. You buy your food, then you take it somewhere safe to eat. As for events, you could have outside dining options for your guest. Of course, you have to follow social distancing in order to further reduce the risk of spreading the virus. 

Less Contact

With food trucks, those who prepare and cook the food are also the ones who hand them out to your guest. Unlike those in the restaurants where the food is handled by preparers, then to the cooks, and to the servers.

A food truck is likely to have about 2-4 people preparing, cooking, and serving the food. The limited number of people handling the food lessens the risk of the spread of the virus. 

Follows Safety Protocols

Like restaurants, food trucks also have protocols that they follow to improve safety. Such protocols will include:

  • Spacing in between people that are in queue
  • Use of protective gear like masks and gloves
  • Providing individually packed condiments
  • Proper disinfection of touch surfaces
  • Health monitoring of their employees

Food Preparation Is Mostly On-Display

Most food trucks have huge open windows where you can clearly see what they are doing. This can help you ensure that they are really preparing the food in a clean and hygienic way. Additionally, it also helps you make sure that they are wearing masks and gloves when handling food for your guests. 

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