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We love our food truck, and we especially love our fellow food truckers!

And thanks to strong demand and a hungry public, there seems to be more and more food truck owners every year – which is absolutely great!

For business owners the proliferation of mobile food businesses means that we’ve got to step up our game every year and differentiate ourselves to keep up with the increased competition.

While food truck marketing is more of an art than a science, we’ve learned over the years that a unique theme can set your food business apart from others, especially if you food quality matches your unique-ness.

So where to start?

To begin, let’s first talk about the why’s of a theme…

Why Have A Theme?

Although starting a food truck business isn’t as expensive as starting a brick and mortar restaurant, it still costs a lot. That’s why you would do all you can to ensure it’s a success. Thinking of a theme for your food truck helps achieve success in various ways.

First of all, having a food truck theme allows you to easily create a menu. You can create dishes that complement each other depending on what theme you choose.

Even if you own a restaurant and you have your menu, a food truck theme will still help you to know what dishes to offer. You may choose to offer only desserts, dishes that can easily be eaten or your bestsellers.

Secondly, having a food truck theme makes it easier to be popular. This is because you can focus on a specific niche rather than to touch several niches.

When you’re already popular on a specific theme, cupcakes, for example, you can easily move to another, let’s say cookies. Previous clients who loved your cupcakes are more likely to try out your other food trucks.

Lastly, having a food truck theme helps you define your target market. For example, you plan to have a food truck near the beach. Rather than making multiple dishes available, you can simply concentrate on the ones those on the beach would love.

Food Truck Theme Suggestions

Now that you know the importance of having a food truck theme, it’s time to hear out our food truck theme suggestions:


Who doesn’t love burgers? Serve the simplest and most affordable or add a few more ingredients to make it special. It’s a fact that burgers sell but there are also a lot who are into this theme already. If you are considering this for your food truck, make sure to offer something unique so you can stay ahead of your competition.

Ice Cream

This is another food truck favorite but it is also one of the most customizable themes. You can show your creativity on this one. Select from serving creamy gelato or the classic American ice cream.

Also, there are lots of flavors, from vanilla to rocky road or more exotic flavors like chili or green tea. You can even come up with your flavor.

Ice cream trucks can also be a seasonal food truck and can be converted to another theme during the offseason. It can be also an opportunity to try having them rented out when its offseason.


Paninis are great because they add a bit of gourmet touch to the common sandwich. All you need is a panini press and then your good to go. You can serve various kinds of Paninis and, like burgers, they are also easy to sell and easy to customize.

Find a spot near offices because its great for lunch or even a snack. If you want to stand out, offer your paninis with a little more flair or uniqueness by inventing your secret sauce or giving them a Mediterranean twist.


There are lots of recipes for waffles and they are mostly simple to make. You need your base waffle plus a few ingredients for assembly. With its simplicity, waffles are great as a food truck theme. They can be served at any time of day and people love them on any day of the week.


Cupcakes are still trending and they are here to stay thanks to the huge variety available. There are simple but tasty cupcakes and then there are gourmet and decadent ones.

Give your food truck a cupcake specialty, something people will talk about because of how weird yet great tasting it is. Who knows, you might even get hired for an event, like a wedding, with your one-of-a-kind cupcakes.


Scrumptious meat, grilled to perfection. A subtle smoky taste and an incredible bbq sauce. Wouldn’t that make anyone’s mouth water? Barbecue themed food trucks have an appeal to the masses that you can’t compete with. People will line up for them especially when they trace the smell coming from your truck.

Ethnic Cuisine

Take inspiration from the cuisines around the world. There are plenty of dishes that are simple to do and most ingredients are now available locally. For example, in Japanese cuisine, there are Takoyaki balls. They are essentially a mixture of vegetables, squid, and batter. These can easily make people curious and hooked on a tasty snack.

Regional Cuisine

You don’t have to look far for inspiration. You can start with the regional cuisines found all across America. These can include tacos, gumbos, clam chowders and many others.

Organic Or Superfoods

Being watchful of what you eat is now a trend. It doesn’t mean that food that comes out from a food truck can’t be healthy or good for your body. Try healthy organic and superfood ingredients as your main theme. You can start with various superfoods or stick to one like an Avocado-themed food truck.

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