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Outdoor dining

We’ve all missed eating out. Due to the pandemic, most of us would rather have the meals delivered at home. Some opted to go for meals while others just cooked their own food. 

One of the recommendations to safely eat out is to limit the number of people in restaurants. Outdoor dining is also much preferred. Food trucks have an edge here as they do mostly have outdoor seating for customers. Do you have an outdoor dining option for your customers? If you still haven’t, then continue reading because we’ve compiled a few tips to help you make that a successful one. 

Outdoor Dining Options For Food Trucks

There are many outdoor dining options for food trucks. Some really don’t have one and would just rely on the natural grass located in front of their food truck. If your food truck is near a park, then customers could find their own seat throughout the park. However, it would also be best if you could offer outdoor seating, even if it is limited. 

Some outdoor dining areas are quite simple. They can be a few tables and chairs in a sidewalk space. Others can be more extravagant. Nevertheless, the presence of these outdoor dining options is more inviting rather than just having your food truck. Before you head out and build your outdoor dining area for customers, here are a few tips to remember:

Rules And Regulations About Outdoor Seating

The first thing you have to do before you even try to create and design your outdoor dining space is to know the rules and regulations regarding it. Local, state, and federal rules should all be considered. 

Remember that the guidelines for outdoor seating can vary from one state to another. Learning the rules and getting the permits you need should be your priority. You don’t want to get in trouble just because you want your customers to be more comfortable. 

In relation to the rules and regulations, you should also know a few details. Learn if it is okay to serve alcohol or not. Should you have a designated smoking area? How about the noise that your customers might make? Are you going to get in trouble for that?

Outdoor Seating During The Pandemic

Providing outdoor dining can help attract customers to purchase from your food truck post-quarantine. Outdoor and open space is advisable for dining in. However, you should still abide by the local rules applicable at this time. 

Some places may still not allow outdoor dining, especially when in the middle of a quarantine period. Make sure that you are always updated whether you are going to have outdoor dining options in private or public areas. 

Rules like having a 6-feet distance between customers may apply. In some areas, the local government allows the use of full sidewalks to accommodate the 6-feet distance requirement. Check to make the most out of your outdoor space. 

Also remember that if you are going to use sidewalks, there will be pedestrians that would use them too. Check to see if you could use barriers to separate the pedestrians from the diners. In that way, there would still be allotted space for the pedestrians and the diners would feel safer because fewer people would be passing by their tables. 

Remember to always keep your staff protected. It is best to use disposables and to sanitize the dining tables for every new customer. You could also provide sanitizers or wash stations so your customers will feel safer dining out. 

Design The Layout

Are you going to simply provide outdoor seats or are you going to add other items to make the atmosphere more inviting? You can add decorations or interactive areas to attract more customers but that could also reduce the capacity of your outdoor seating. 

Apart from the layout, you should also carefully select what type of furniture and decor you use. It should be easy to clean and not too bulky because you have limited space. 

To create a better atmosphere for your outdoor dining area, you can use bright colors to attract the eyes. Canopies and other decors that are eye-catching can help attract more customers. You can also add lights especially if you operate during the night as well.  These should also be cohesive with the design of your food truck.

Prepare For Unexpected Weather

You just can’t predict when it’s going to rain or shower. That’s one of the challenges of providing outdoor dining. You can use shade sails or huge umbrellas to provide cover against rain or the intense heat of the sun. 

If your food truck operates until nighttime, you may also want to provide a way to counter the chilly nights. Heaters would be great, some would even enjoy the natural bonfire. However, you should still check if that is allowed in your area. 

Combat Pests

Pests can also be a problem with outdoor dining. You should prepare to combat them to avoid unsanitary consequences. Prepare for flying insects, birds, squirrels or other stray animals. Ants and other bugs can be attracted to sweets so always check your pantry. 

Routine cleaning is one of the best ways to avoid pest infestations. Uneaten food can attract various insects and animals so make sure to get rid of them immediately. Even food bits that have fallen on the floor should be swept away immediately to avoid attracting them.

Food truck safety

It’s more than a year since the pandemic hit us all. Many have postponed certain special events in their lives like weddings just to help keep everyone safer. A year has passed and we’ve adapted by taking safety precautions seriously. 

There may be limits to the number of people per gathering but nowadays, we can continue celebrating various occasions that mark a special event in our lives. 

In any special event, the food plays a very important part of it all. You’d want your guest to enjoy the scrumptious food plus you also want to keep them safe. That is made possible by hiring food trucks for your event. 

Food trucks aren’t just for festivals, they are also great for more intimate or private events like weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Why exactly are food trucks a great option for your event during the pandemic? We’ll give you a detailed answer below:

Dine-Out Option

Even the CDC agrees that it is safer to dine out in the open than in an enclosed space like a restaurant. Among the dining options that have the lowest risk of spreading COVID-19 is food trucks. That’s because they are mostly located outdoors in the open air. 

Additionally, most food trucks don’t really offer dining options. You buy your food, then you take it somewhere safe to eat. As for events, you could have outside dining options for your guest. Of course, you have to follow social distancing in order to further reduce the risk of spreading the virus. 

Less Contact

With food trucks, those who prepare and cook the food are also the ones who hand them out to your guest. Unlike those in the restaurants where the food is handled by preparers, then to the cooks, and to the servers.

A food truck is likely to have about 2-4 people preparing, cooking, and serving the food. The limited number of people handling the food lessens the risk of the spread of the virus. 

Follows Safety Protocols

Like restaurants, food trucks also have protocols that they follow to improve safety. Such protocols will include:

  • Spacing in between people that are in queue
  • Use of protective gear like masks and gloves
  • Providing individually packed condiments
  • Proper disinfection of touch surfaces
  • Health monitoring of their employees

Food Preparation Is Mostly On-Display

Most food trucks have huge open windows where you can clearly see what they are doing. This can help you ensure that they are really preparing the food in a clean and hygienic way. Additionally, it also helps you make sure that they are wearing masks and gloves when handling food for your guests. 

Food Truck Van With Unique Design

In the matter of 10 years, food trucks have gone from: “Hey that’s cool..what that?” to an everyday part of our dining experience

Demand for food truck food is up, and so is competition. As a food truck business its more important than ever to standard out from other mobile food business, and one that you may be overlooking is the design of your food truck.

Some people don’t think too much about aesthetics but it is just as important as it carries your food truck business name. Additionally, visually attractive food trucks have more chances of new customers than regularly designed ones. 

Design Does Matter

Some people don’t really care about the design as long as the food served is great, right? Well, that may be true for some, but if people don’t know you serve great food, they wouldn’t come anyway. Would you risk passing on the opportunity of having a potential customer just because you can’t entice them to try your food? Well, you shouldn’t. 

The thing is, you first have to feed the eyes before the taste buds and the stomach. That’s not only true for the design of your food truck but also for the presentation of your food. Instagram-worthy food has a better chance of developing a fanbase because people see it, get curious, try it and get hooked. 

How To Design Your Food Truck?

There are different ways on how to design your food truck. The final design of your food truck will greatly depend on what you serve and your theme. Here are a few ideas that you should try. 

Color Selection

Although you might catch more attention using bright colors, using all the bright colors may not be ideal. It would be best to pick a bright color then use other complementary ones for a more harmonious appearance. You may even add another bright color contrast but let’s not get overboard here. 

Interesting Fonts

Another way to design your food truck is to make use of interesting yet easily understandable fonts. Your typography and size does matter here. It’s great if you can find a unique one but make sure customers won’t get a headache trying to understand what’s written in your menu or figuring out what your food truck business is called. 

Use Of Graphics

Some people don’t easily remember names. They may forget your food truck name even if they really loved your food. What if they loved your food so much that they want to recommend it but forget your food truck name? Your location is great but what if you’re in a food park with other food trucks? Here is where your graphics can help them give you an identity. 

Additionally, you can also attract more people with the graphics that you use. If you are a taco shop, you can certainly make use of taco-looking graphics. However, make it unique so you stand out. You can use humor to make your design more unique. Try adding a goofy face on it or a mustache.

Outsourcing A Design

If you don’t think you are creative enough or if thinking about your design gives you a headache, you can outsource your design. Carefully select a designer to work with. Designers will help you create the design but you should tell them what you want if there are specifics. They can also design better with your direction. 

food truck business

Buying a food truck is an investment. However, it shouldn’t be done at a whim. If you are thinking about starting a business and buying a food truck, it would be best to come up with a plan first. That will help you better succeed at the food truck business. It will also help you be better prepared for the challenges that might come your way. 

Let’s face it some people fail with their food truck business but that isn’t true for all. Many still succeed and make their business thrive even at challenging times. There are a few common reasons why food trucks businesses fail and we are going to focus on that today. By knowing what they are, you can avoid them and have an increased chance in achieving success. 

Wrong Product Choice

One of the main reasons why a food truck business fails is because of choosing the wrong product. When the right products are chosen, the business could easily take off and thrive. However, wrong product selection would also cause the business to fail and all the efforts to be wasted. 

The best way to make sure you choose the right product is to do your research. You have to know what products are in demand. You also have to focus on your target market. Make sure you know the kind of people that are likely to pass by your food truck and buy from you. One simple way of doing your research is to observe what food trucks or stalls are having the long queues in your area. 

A Weak Identity

In order for your food truck business to thrive, you have to make a name for yourself. That would be a lot easier if you name your food truck in relation to what you are selling. This is not only true for the name but also for the kind of dishes you serve. If you are already serving Mexican dishes then suddenly changing into Chinese cuisines the next week, people could get confused. 

Although you can add entries to your menu, drastically changing it over and over for a shorter period of time could confuse people. Some may get excited with the surprise you have to offer for this week but there are also some who would be disappointed that their favorite dish is no longer being served. 

Poor Presentation

Are your products Instagram-worthy? Even if it is not, it still should look presentable. The first thing that people will see is how you present the food. Making the food look good will better pool people to taste your product. 

Presentation isn’t only true for the food you serve. Your food truck should also be presentable. Even if it is not brand new, you should still make sure that it is clean and attractive. Look at your menu, the face of your food truck, the area where you prepare food, the area where you receive payment and just your whole truck.

Overspending On Start-up Equipment

It is great to have a positive attitude but sometimes food truck owners also fail when they overspend on their start-up equipment. It’s great if you can afford all those equipment but do you really need them all at once?

It would be best to start with the basics then upgrade as your business grows. In that way, you’ll also be able to focus on what equipment to upgrade because they are the most useful. Avoiding overspending will also help make sure that there is still money left in the cash flow to run the business.

Participating At The Wrong Events

Although there aren’t plenty of festivals and events as of the moment due to the pandemic, choosing the wrong one to go can still lead to failure of food trucks. Not all events are great for food truck businesses. Before you make your food truck part of any festival or event, it is first best to do some research. Will the people in that event want your product?

Quitting Too Early

Sometimes, food trucks fail simply because of choice. Some owners become impatient because business doesn’t seem to be picking up immediately. You must remember that the food truck business is just like any other business. It also needs time to develop. It needs time for people to know about you and for you to thrive. 

Some food truck businesses do immediately see results but most do not. Don’t be disheartened immediately just after a few months. If you are confident that you’ve done your research and made a good plan, then maybe all that it needs is more time. Give your food truck business enough time to be established. 

mobile POS system

In this time of COVID, contact-less transactions are preferred and that means mobile payments have also seen an increasing number of users. As a food truck business owner, this technology is a great addition especially if you find the younger generation as the bulk of your customers.

Mobile POS (point of sale) systems are great but before you go into them, you must first have a clear understanding of it. Otherwise, it will just be a cause of confusion and stress for you, your workers, and your customers. 

restaurant industry and covid

While literally every business on the planet has been affect in some way, shape, or form by the coronavirus pandemic, it could be argued convincingly that the restaurant business has received the brunt of the been impact.

A night out dining has always been, at it’s core, about going out and being seen in public. It is essentially a social activity that cannot be truly realized with mandated masks, social distancing, and an ever-present guilty feeling of being out in public during COVID-19.

food truck business licenses and permits

Whether you want to take your franchise to the next level or you just want to start with a food business, running a food truck is a great choice. However, you just don’t start the business by finding a truck, cooking, and serving the food.

As with any food-related business, there are federal, state, and local regulations you have to follow as well as permits and licenses that you have to obtain. 

Permits and licenses will vary depending on where you want to operate. Although you’ll be spending on permits and licenses, getting them before you operate saves you from paying fines. Also, the permits and licenses make your business legal. 


Franchising is a good system for expanding one’s restaurant business, and the key to a successful franchise is trust.

The franchise owner and the local operator needs to have a good relationship so that they can both help each other in establishing the business and extending the franchise service to that locality.

In today’s competitive world, franchisors also need to always be innovative. One way to do that is to consider or look into the possibility of using food trucks. Food trucks are very popular today and the masses have come to accept them although there are still some who don’t like them. 

food truck

Are you ready to join the food truck industry? Have you asked yourself all the essential questions before deciding? It’s not yet too late to own one and having one is a great idea to start your food business. Also, a food truck is a great addition to your current restaurant. It can help you expand your business and your reach.

With all the benefits that you can get out of purchasing a food truck, it is no surprise that many people want one. But before you purchase a food truck, there are some things that you should look for and they include the following…


Couple buying pasta from food truck at outdoor market

We love our food truck, and we especially love our fellow food truckers!

And thanks to strong demand and a hungry public, there seems to be more and more food truck owners every year – which is absolutely great!

For business owners the proliferation of mobile food businesses means that we’ve got to step up our game every year and differentiate ourselves to keep up with the increased competition.

While food truck marketing is more of an art than a science, we’ve learned over the years that a unique theme can set your food business apart from others, especially if you food quality matches your unique-ness.

So where to start?


food truck festival

It’s summer, and you know what that means?

That’s right – festival time!

If you own a restaurant or a food truck truck festivals are a great way to bring your food to new customers.  Not to mention they’re a an absolute blast to work.  So without further ado, we wanted to mention 6 of our favorites in the United States…


benefits of food trucks

Having a thriving restaurant is pretty amazing especially during this day and age when the competition is tough.

But did you know that you can take your success a step further simply by using food trucks?

Why Should You Use Food Trucks?

Makes You Mobile

Being mobile makes it a whole lot easier for you to reach customers. Bring your food truck to a festival so more people can discover you. If they loved your food, you may see them in your restaurant even if they need to travel just to dine in.


wedding food caterer

Food truck catering is becoming a very popular choice for weddings. If you have a food truck business, tapping into this kind of market should be one of your goals to better market your business. It opens up a whole new world of customers and they are a very profitable market.

Before you sign a couple up for your food truck catering service for their wedding day, it is best to know more about your customers. Here are some reasons why a couple might want to hire a food truck caterer. Use this information to better meet their demands and expectations.


CMT Auctions Food Trucks in DC

Owning a food truck is pretty awesome, and well…fun!.

Sure it’s hard work (ALOT of hard work) but I think we can all agree that running a mobile food enterprise is indeed fun, rewarding, and with the added benefit of being your own boss!

While it can be an exciting adventure, it’s important to remember that your food truck is a business and it should be making you money on a consistent basis.

As such your food truck needs to be properly marketed to help you expand your audience and keep existing customers coming back.


Anyone who is looking to start a food truck business must already have a cuisine in mind. But if you think that is enough to start a food truck business, you are wrong.  Before, leaving your full-time job in order to start a food truck business there are some important considerations that should be always kept in mind.  As is rightly said if you start doing anything without proper homework, the chances of achieving great success are really thin. So before you directly jump into the business of running a food truck, you must ask yourself a few questions.


Food Truck Towing

Today’s article is based on some lessons learned from having to call for a tow truck on I485 outside of Charlotte, NC.  Thanks to the guys from Top Dogz Towing Company for their service and their advice in putting this article together.

For Food Truck owners, there’s basically two reasons why one might need to tow a food truck.  The first, and possibly most obvious reason is because the food truck you own is not self-propelled (ie: it’s built on a towable trailer), and second is your food truck has broken down.  As the owner of a converted 1971 VW Bus, I’ve had to opt for the latter more time than I care to admit, and from the countless food truck owner-operators I’ve met over the years, that seem to be the rule rather than the exception.


Phat Cart Food Truck

If you love street food,  you’re are hungry and need some savory in a pinch, a food truck can be a great choice over traditional brick-and-mortar .

With that being said, gone are the days of food trucks serving up budget food.  In fact, there are now food trucks scattered throughout various cities serving up some of the most gourmet meals you will find anywhere. As a result, food trucks have gained a cult following and they have become a staple part of a lot of the culinary scenes across the entire country.

We’ve had a fun time trying them all, but in our humble opinion, here are the Top 7 Food Trucks In America for 2017…



So you’ve made the decision be a food truck owner.  Good for you!

This is the critical first, and most important, step in a career that can rewarding on so many levels, not least of which is financially.  And while nothing is for sure, especially in the restaurant business, food trucks are cost effective business solutions for the newbie restaurateur, providing that you’re the type that can handle the uncertainty that comes with the complete autonomy of being your own boss.