Mobile Food Truck Owners

Selling A Food Truck At Auction?

Selling or buying a food truck online or from a private party, can be a scary proposition.  Generally speaking, you never really know the full implication of what you’re going to get until the deals been done and you’ve driven off with the vehicle.  Perhaps the issues don’t arise for a few months!   That’s why we think it’s SO important that food truck owners have a solid auction house to conduct sales of not only vehicles, but the cooking equipment, ovens, and everything else a marketplace, like the mobile food truck niche, would need to operate.

What are the advantages of having a dedicated auction venue?  Peace of mind.   Peace of mind for both the buyer and the seller.  For the buyer, they can be sure that the auction house has done their due diligence in ensuring that the item being sold is what is says it is.  For the seller, they can be more assured that the bidding party will pay upon winning.

Currently speaking there just aren’t enough food truck auction venues out there, and as such, not much experienced people in conducting a Mobile Food Truck themed one.  Until Now…

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