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In this time of COVID, contact-less transactions are preferred and that means mobile payments have also seen an increasing number of users. As a food truck business owner, this technology is a great addition especially if you find the younger generation as the bulk of your customers.

Mobile POS (point of sale) systems are great but before you go into them, you must first have a clear understanding of it. Otherwise, it will just be a cause of confusion and stress for you, your workers, and your customers. 

What Is It?

This is a system in which the financial transaction between the customer and the food truck is completed through a mobile device. This is a great option for food trucks because of the portability of the devices needed. The process can be completed by making use of a designated smartphone or tablet. 

Additionally, a card reader that can be plugged into your tablet or smartphone would also be provided by the company you get your POS service from. In this way, you can charge clients through their credit cards. There is less contact through this method as compared to the traditional exchange of money. Moreover, some companies may also provide a printer for the receipt or a stand for your device. This will vary from one company to another and also your preference. 

Mobile Payment Methods

Apart from accepting credit card payments through the mobile POS systems, your customers can also have an option to pay through their own mobile phones. This lessens the contact even more as they won’t have to physically swipe or tap their credit card on the reader. With mobile payments, customers can simply link their credit card to mobile payment platforms or top-up their balances so they can pay for their orders. 

Mobile payments are very popular with the younger generations nowadays as they find it very easy and convenient to have control over their finances simply through their phones. It is also a quick way to pay because the transactions happen in real-time and they are able to see how much is charged to them or how much is deducted from their balance. 

Selecting A Mobile POS System For Your Food Truck

We now know that having a mobile POS system for your food truck is a valuable addition. It lessens contact and many people, especially the younger generation prefer to use them. Now, the only thing left to do is to select a mobile POS system that will work for your food truck business. Here are some things that you should consider with your choice:

Ease Of Use

You may be knowledgeable about technology but not all people are. You’d want to make sure that if this system is integrated into your food truck business, your food truck workers would be able to use them. Also, you also have to make sure that you understand how it works. 

Take a look at the user interface and see if it is easy enough to understand. You don’t have to earn a degree in a POS system and you don’t have to troubleshoot it if there is a problem but you should be able to figure out at least the basics. Take time to learn the interface and see how quickly you can teach it to your employees.

Inventory Management Feature

The inventory management feature is a great addition to the POS system. Not only will you be able to have financial transactions with your customers, but it will also be able to determine if stocks are running low. This means you’d be less likely to have unavailable items on your menu. 

This feature can also help you better track your costing and profitability. You just have to make sure that you input the data carefully to reflect the correct amount of stocks available. It’s also best if your inventory data can’t be changed just by anyone. 

Clear Reports

All the data that goes through the POS system could be compiled into a report. This helps you double-check your sales, inventory, costing, and many others. It is best to find POS systems that provide clear, complete, and concise reports.

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