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Franchising is a good system for expanding one’s restaurant business, and the key to a successful franchise is trust.

The franchise owner and the local operator needs to have a good relationship so that they can both help each other in establishing the business and extending the franchise service to that locality.

In today’s competitive world, franchisors also need to always be innovative. One way to do that is to consider or look into the possibility of using food trucks. Food trucks are very popular today and the masses have come to accept them although there are still some who don’t like them. 

Why Franchises Are Considering Food Trucks

Although there are mixed opinions about food trucks, franchises still see it as a good thing to include in their system. Here are the following reasons why:

Low Initial Investment

Comparing a food truck to a brick and mortar franchise, it is obvious that you’ll be spending a whole lot less with food trucks. This gives food truck a competitive edge as compared to regular franchised branches. You just need to make sure that the food truck you buy is fitted with the right equipment needed to produce the food the brand serves. 

It is possible to customize food trucks to suit the needs of the franchise. It is also possible to limit the dishes or products offered if the food truck isn’t really suitable for producing such dishes. 

The low initial investment is also ideal if you are just trying to get a feel on how the community will accept the branch. Some can use the Food Truck to test out the waters first before they invest in a full restaurant branch. 

Low Operation Cost

Even a smaller branch of a franchise could require a lot of staff and utilities to have it properly running. There are also monthly expenses that need to be paid like monthly rentals. To run a food truck, you don’t need as much staff. 

Food trucks can run with little maintenance because there isn’t much to maintain. The focus on food trucks is in producing food. Seating and restrooms are optional and most don’t have them. However, they can still function well in producing food that customers buy.

Food Trucks Can Attract Customers

Food trucks are also attractive to customers especially if they bear the name of a known brand. Even if there is already a full restaurant in the area, a food truck can still help add more customers. Food trucks can travel and can be used for festivals. This can help reach more customers and introduce your products to more people. Giving people better access to your products can attract more people to go to your restaurant for another great dining experience.

Help Test Out Locations

One of the reasons why restaurants fail is because of their location. Food trucks can help owners test out locations easily. You can drive food trucks to various areas and see if people are likely to buy what’s on your menu. If you feel that there is potential, then you can scout for the perfect place to put up your restaurant. 

Aside from localities, food trucks can also be driven to various locations for specific customers. For example, you can be hired by someone for a wedding but instead of cooking all dishes in your restaurant, you can have the food truck driven to the location to create fresh dishes. 


Food trucks are loved and hated by people. Some love them because they are able to reach more people in far places. Some hate them because it seems unfair to put up a food truck business in front of an existing burger restaurant. However, there is no denying that there are many reasons why it is a great idea for the franchise owner to include a food truck in their system. 

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