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Food truck catering is becoming a very popular choice for weddings. If you have a food truck business, tapping into this kind of market should be one of your goals to better market your business. It opens up a whole new world of customers and they are a very profitable market.

Before you sign a couple up for your food truck catering service for their wedding day, it is best to know more about your customers. Here are some reasons why a couple might want to hire a food truck caterer. Use this information to better meet their demands and expectations.

Feed A Lot Of Guests

One reason why food trucks get hired for events is because they are able to produce a huge quantity of food. Although that’s the case, you should inform your clients that a single food truck would only be able to provide food for about 75 people.

Additionally, a single food truck may not be enough for all of the guests in an event. It takes time to prepare the food and your hungry guests can easily get fed up waiting for their food. To remedy this, you can suggest your clients to hire multiple food trucks at a time to ensure guests are served in a timely manner.

Available For Various Locations

Whether the wedding is held on the beach, a rustic garden or a farm, food truck caterers can get there as long as they can drive to it. It’s greatly popular citywide but there are also limitations.

Some cities may require food trucks to follow certain rules like be 200 feet away from restaurants or to park for no longer than 2 hours in a specific location. Some customers do their own research on this but if they don’t, it’s up to you to inform them of such laws if the area is covered.

Variety Of Food Choices

Food trucks are known for various dishes like tacos, burgers, sliders, ice cream, desserts, cupcakes, pizza, and many others. There’s a huge variety and some food trucks may even serve specialty dishes.

To address this, you may offer something unique and special on your food truck. Similarly, the customers may already have tasted something great in your food truck that is why they want you to be their caterer. Just make sure that you serve scrumptious dishes because all those guests are also potential future customers.

Available At Any Time Of Day

Some couples already have a main caterer for their reception but they also hire a food truck for those late night cravings. When they expect the party to last all night long, food truck caterers are great at refueling tummies. It is a great way to surprise guests and family.

That being said, having the ability to cater at any time of day gives you an advantage over other caterers that won’t be there when it’s past midnight. So make this an option for your customers and make sure they know about it.

Affordable Option

A fancy restaurant’s catering service can be overly expensive but a food truck is an affordable and a more relaxed option. There’s a huge saving that the couple can get without having to sacrifice the taste.

To make it even more attractive for your customers, you can even offer a special package price for them. A little discount won’t hurt, just make sure you still profit. Think about it, when your hired as a caterer, everything in your truck is already paid for compared to a night out in town where your unsure about your sales.

Cleaning Up Is A Breeze

Food trucks are also great for couples who don’t want to be bothered by the cleanup afterwards. Although some may hire help for the cleanup, that isn’t necessary for food truck products. It’s easy to throw away plates or utensils after use. There are even food items that can be eaten without utensils.

Enjoy The Outdoors

By hiring food trucks, it is possible for guest to enjoy the wedding outdoors under a blanket of stars. Even if the main course would be served traditionally, the guest can roam around outdoors and enjoy snacks while waiting for their food to be served.

Customizable Menu

Couples, especially the bride, loves to be in control over everything. This is also true for the menu. Make this easier for your customers by allowing them to easily create a package out of their choice of entries. Allowing them to make unique choices can help make their event feel more special.

Fresh Food

Freshly prepared food is tastier and that’s what food trucks have to offer because they cook a dish to order. If you are hired to cater, make sure that you keep your food fresh. Even if you know that all servings will be consumed, you still have to make a fresh batch on the event itself.

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